Loofah Scrubber Piggy

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The softest most resilient scrubber on the market!

A completely eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable product fabricated from a sustainable agricultural crop.

Loofah-Art® products are real SCRUBBERS--not "hybrids", which are part sponge/part scrubber. The strain of the loofah plant has been specially cultivated to yield more tensile strength and flexibility to its fibers. The Result -- superior functionality to handle the most challenging of scrubbing projects. Gentle enough to clean fruits and vegetables without destroying the healthy nutrients found in their skins. Tough enough to tackle jobs that call for a scrubbing abrasive tool to clean soiled pots, pans, cooled-down grills, etc..

NON-SCRATCH! Safe to use on all sensitive surfaces including non-sticks, ceramic stove tops, designer counters, automobile windshields, wheels & painted surfaces, boats, motorcycles and RV's.

Fast drying when rinsed thoroughly and hand squeezed -- eliminates bacterial grown and sour odors. Outlasts the useful life of most scrubbers by over 10-to-1.

Beyond "Green"...100% NATURAL! Earth Friendly, Biodegradable and Compostable. A sustainable raw material resource and a humanitarian support project initiative.

These make wonderful gifts!

Dimensions: 5' x 5" x 5" 

The Loofah Plant

Contrary to common belief, loofah is a vegetable, not a sea sponge! Originating in Asia, this gourd-like plant is closely related to the cucumber family. It is grown in sub-tropical temperatures and requires annual replanting.

The loofah used in our Loofah-Art®products is naturally, and in some cases organically grown and cultivated by peasant farmers who often refer to it as "the poor man's sponge."

Once the plant naturally dries on the vine, it is harvested and the outer skin is peeled off to expose their inner fibers, which form the natural loofah sponge.

The loofah is then hand seeded, washed and left in the sun to dry naturally after which it is hand fabricated into our whimsical and functional products.

Because of their longer and finer textured fibers, Loofah-Art®products are the softest and most resilient natural sponges outlasting most scubbers on the market!

Eco-Friendly Product!