Crystal Guardian Angel Suncatcher Ruby

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Birthstone Crystal Angels of Love!

Our crystal guardian angels come in the colors of the twelve different birthstones for an extra special gift or gift topper!

A crystal angel to watch over you; represents July's birthstone. Ruby is the birthstone for July and represents the values of love, integrity and passion.  This lovely crystal angel works equally well as a suncatcher or Christmas ornament - or hang it in your office or dorm room.

Dimensions: 1" Long, 6" with wire 

Materials: Genuine Austrian Crystals, nylon coated tigerstail wire   

Maintaining Your Product: Spray window cleaner on a clean, soft cloth and gently wipe crystals till they are clean and shiny.

Woodstock Crystal Rainbow Makers

Woodstock Rainbow Makers come in three varieties: Crystal Cascades, Crystal Guardian Angels, and Crystal Fantasies.

- Crystal Cascades consist of a progression of colored crystals - choose between the rainbow or moonlight (blues and purples) versions. Both are accented with a large clear crystal drop at the bottom. Crystal Grand Cascades are larger cascades. They come in rainbow or moonlight versions as well as a crystal clear "Ice" option.

- Crystal Guardian Angels are small, colorful crystal clusters in the shape of an angel. These shimmering charmers can serve as remembrance of love and friendship or a reminder that someone is keeping watch. There are 12 angels in all, each represents the birthstone of a particular month, but many simply select the color they like best.

- Crystal Fantasies come with a silver laser-cut charm at the top. There are 10 charms to choose from, find the one that sparks your fancy. Is it an angel, butterfly, cats, celtic cross, dolphins, dragonfly, fairy, hummingbird, rose or unicorn?

We recommend you hang your Woodstock Rainbow Maker indoors.

Use them as...

Crystal Rainbow Cascades make great wedding favors!Wedding Favors
When your wedding guests hang their Woodstock Rainbow Maker in a window and see rainbows dance across their walls, it will be a unique, cheerful reminder of your special day. Crystal Cascades pair multi-hued crystal discs with a clear crystal drop. They come with an organza drawstring bag to make it easy for you and special for them! 

Cystal Guardian Angels make wonderful get well gifts!Get Well Gifts
Add them to a plant or flower arrangement. Visiting a friend in the hospital or know someone who could use a pick-me-up? Woodstock Rainbow Makers add color and cheer to any room.

Crystal Guardian Angels come in colors that correspond to each month's birthstone, making these ideal gifts for a new Mom & Dad. Add them to a plant or floral arrangement or simply hang them in a sunny spot and watch the rainbows (and smiles) appear. 

Crystal Fantasy Suncatchers - Give as a token of your appreciation!A Token of Your Appreciation
Woodstock Rainbow Makers are a perfect way to show your appreciation to a teacher, doctor or other professional.

Crystal Fantasies, topped with a variety of laser-cut charms, add a personal touch to an office or classroom. They brighten any day!