Shimmering Bells Hummingbird Welcome Wall Hanging

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Beautiful metal art inspired by nature!

Nature-inspired Shimmering Bells Hummingbird Welcome can be used inside as a wall hanging or outside as a wind chime. 30 copper bells and 30 hummingbirds hanging from a branch with welcome sign in a pyramid fashion. Handcrafted with lots of attention to detail. Gorgeous copper and verdigris weather resistant finish. Includes copper chain for easy mounting. These make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Dimensions: 14" x 21"

Our collection of nature-inspired gifts & unique items are perfectly suited to the bird enthusiast both indoors and outdoors. This collection consists of items using natural materials & eco-friendly principles. Handcrafted using honest materials such as wood, clay, iron, copper, stone and brass, we have made every effort to respect the look of these delicate creatures and the people who enjoy them. Where available we have used materials that are sustainable, recycled, organic, natural, and biodegradable.