Windy Wings Audubon Bird Wind Chime Set of 6

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WindyWings Whimsical Garden Stakes

Bring vibrant color, whimsical motion and life to your garden landscape!

6 assorted colorful songbird wind chimes featuring a 12" spring-loaded wing span!

Our Windy Wings Audubon Bird Wind Chime integrates the soothing sound of chimes to a beautiful hand-painted Windy Wings designs making a unique and melodic decoration. With a soft sweet delicate sound, let these spectacular Audubon Bird wind chimes bring colorful art and delight to your special garden.

Each WindyWings Audubon Bird Wind Chime welcomes color and whimsical motion in their own magical way using a patented "springed" wings design that enable them to move up and down to simulate flight when a breeze is blowing.

Dimensions: 12" Wingspan, 26" Long

Materials: Styrene plastic, hand painted with UV treated paint, finished with a lacquer coat. Large-sized upgraded Metal Chimes.

•All WindyWings Audubon Bird Wind Chimes come completely assembled and ready to hang in your garden, patio and balcony!

•Our Audubon Bird Wind Chime adds whimsical motion using a patented "springed" wings design that moves in the wind!

•Each wind chime is hand-painted with meticulous detail and vibrant, vivid colors - bringing life to your garden.

•A special lacquer coating protects the colors and provides a high gloss shine to keep them looking alive and fresh.

•A decorative ball compliments the new upgraded metal chimes that sound better than ever!

Included in the Windy Wings Audubon Bird Wind Chime collection are the Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee, and Baltimore Oriole.

They say catching a glimpse of a beautiful songbird helps people easily reconnect with the natural world. Bring nature back into your life and enhance your garden with our exquisite assortment of Windy Wings Audubon Bird Wind Chimes!