Cast Paper Art Blooming Ornaments & Stationery

Are you looking for unique blooming ornaments and stationery made from cast paper? Then you've come to the right place! View our entire collection of Cast Paper Art creations below! Our Blooming Expressions Ornaments make great party favors or small tokens of appreciation. When planted they grow into gorgeous flowers! This innovative collection of handcrafted paper art expressions includes blooming ornaments, gift tags, note cards and stationery. All are made from 100% recycled cotton fiber with embedded perennial flower and wildflower seed. Cast paper products are eco-conscious and make wonderful gift solutions! You may also be interested in our selection of Pumpernickel Press Embossed Greeting Cards, Bird and Wildlife Ornaments, Edible Bird Seed Wreaths, Seeded Birdhouses and Seed Ornaments, Bird Carvings - Wood Bird Sculptures, and Brushart Bristle Brush Animals & Ornaments

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