Christmas Tree Edible Birdseed Feeder 12/Pack

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Homegrown and Handmade in the Nation's Heartland!

Set of 12 Christmas Tree Edible Feeders - 6 each Sunflower and Safflower Tree!

Our Christmas Tree edible Bird Feeder is the perfect high energy treat for your birds!

Makes a wonderful gift for the holidays!

These majestic Christmas trees are made of solid safflower and sunflower hearts or solid black oil sunflower and canola, then decorated with cranberries and golden millet. Hang with the provided hanging net. Just open and hang for a beautiful and delicious holiday treat. They come as an assortment - six feeders of each type. 

Beautiful presentation for the winter season or anytime of the year, the Christmas Edible Bird Feeder makes a great gift! Developed for year round feeding. This handcrafted Edible Birdseed Ornament is made from 100% all natural ingredients that backyard birds love! 

Christmas Tree Safflower Seed Edible Bird Feeder

Packaged in a shrink wrapped tray with colored crinkled paper with hanging net provided. The Christmas Tree Edible Bird Feeder can be feed on a tree, from a hook or mounted on the side of a barn. Children love to decorate an outdoor tree and love giving a "gift" to the birds. Start a new family tradition in your own household. Made in the USA!

Dimensions: 10"L x 7.25"W x 2"H; 2.08 lb weight (Shipping weight: 25 lbs.)

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Made in the USA

Edible Bird Feeders

Fiddle Creek Farms Edible Bird Feeders are natural, completely edible bird feeders. You’ll fall in love with these adorable, 100% organic birdfeeders.

Sunflower, safflower, thistle, canola, millet, sorghum, thistle, indian corn, dried fruit, ebony wheat, canary grass, buffalo berries, amaranth and rose hips are parts of a full palette of colorful all natural ingredients, carefully chosen for the feeding of birds. Each design includes favorite foods of popular birds which come to back yard feeders.

Our edible bird feeders, birdhouses, seed wreaths and ornaments are so attractive, they are often used for inside decor. They look just as lovely indoors as they do outdoors. Use them indoors as a decoration accessory, then return to nature as an edible bird feeder or birdhouse. These beautiful, unique creations will compliment any decor!

Our edible seed wreaths make excellent gifts!

These edible seed wreaths make attractive and practical gift solutions. You’ll want to get one for yourself too!  If you are looking for a unique holiday, Christmas, father's day, mother's day or birthday gift, what would be better than one of our beautiful edible bird feeder!