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Shake-Away Fox/Bobcat Urine Powder for Rodents 2/P (SHAKE2853338P2)

Shake-Away Fox/Bobcat Urine Powder for Rodents 2/P

Two 28.5 oz Bottles/Pack (57 ounces)

Fox/Bobcat Urine Powder

Creates the illusion that fox and bobcat are present in your lawn or garden

Shake-Away Fox and Bobcat Urine Powder use the effectiveness of fox and bobcat urine, blended with a patented powder formula to create the safest, most effective 100% organic product available. 

  • Easy to use granular formulation
  • Non-Toxic
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe to use around children, pets and your valuable plants

Science Proves Shake-Away Works Learn More

Shake-Away is 100% organic fox and bobcat urine powder, the scent used by outdoor enthusiasts, photographers and the like for many years.

Without harming the environment, your family or animals, Shake-Away Fox and bobcat Urine Powder uses the same laws as nature does. Can be used for: Mice, Rats, Moles, Voles and Shrews. Made in the USA!

Made in the USA

How to use Shake-Away Fox and Bobcat Urine Granules

Allow up to a two to three week period for Shake-Away to take full effect.

Coverage: Shake-Away granules covers more area than even the larger-sized competitive products! Each 28.5 ounce bottle of Shake-Away Fox and Bobcat Urine Powder will cover approximately 855 linear feet when applied as directed. 

General: Apply Shake-Away granules twice a week for the first two weeks, then twice a month for maintenance. Sprinkle Shake-Away granules lightly around your bushes, trees, gardens and flowerbeds.

Burrowing: Sprinkle Shake-Away granules directly into every hole you find in your yard, flowerbeds, foundations, etc.

Tunneling: For tunneling, poke a two inch deep hole every three to four feet along all tunnels. Sprinkle Shake-Away into each hole then cover with dirt.

Inside of Buildings - Attics, Basements, Garages, Sheds: Place two to four ounces of granules on a paper plate or the like. Place one plate per every 8'x10' area (80 sq ft). Replace every four to six weeks or as needed.

  • Shake-Away's patented formula will not harm or burn your plants, bushes or trees.
  • Shake-Away is not affected or diluted by light or moderate rain, but may need to be re-applied after a heavy rain.
  • Shake-Away Fox and Bobcat Urine Powder is 100% natural, non-toxic and safe for children, pets, plants and the environment.

The Shake-Away Advantage

Powder is better!

It is easy to see why powdered predator urine is superior over liquid.

  • Powdered urine is less messy then liquid.  The Shake-Away patented powder formula neutralizes the acid so it won't burn your plants like liquid will.
  • Powder granules are "heavy."  they won't wash away in rain like liquid will.
  • Powder won't evaporate or freeze like liquid will.
  • Powdered urine is guaranteed to last longer than liquid.
  • Powder granules are naturally moist for better "clinging"


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