Solar Firefly Lantern Set of 2

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Watch fireflies come to life!

Fireflies, lightning bugs...whatever you want to call them, you know it's summer when you see them! Now you don't have to wait until the calendar says it's summer to enjoy their flickering light. With our new solar power Firefly Jars, you can enjoy the flickering light that says summer all the time. Check 'em out!

The Solar Firefly Lantern is a modern twist on the average mason jar. Once the solar panel has charged in direct sunlight, watch your Firefly Lantern come to life. Each Firefly flickers intermittently. The jar can be easily hung or simply placed on a flat service for your visual enjoyment. Display multiple jars for a stunning night time effect!

Set of 2 Solar Firefly Lanterns

Dimensions: 3.88" x 3.88" x 6.63" (each jar)

Firefly Lantern at night!